Monday, 13 July 2015

First blog!

Wonderful ... the first blog, no pressure!

First off a little about me. I'm a twenty-something, probably what you'd call "young professional", working in marketing, digital creative and copywriting. I can't live without music, yoga and tea (it's the Brit in me!) but my two big passions are travelling and reading. So far, so fascinating right?

After an extended period of clipping my wings and being sensible and career focused, I've gone back to my basics. I get out of the country whenever I can, even if it's just long weekends in a European city I've never been to before, and I've decided to have a bash at my other big love and start a book blog. Initially it's intended to be book reviews and general musings, but my secret lover writing is starting to make a reappearance in my life, so maybe (hopefully!) I'll be posting some of my own work too!

I'll be kicking off with reviews of some of my favourite books and general musings. I've just joined a reading group so a few wildcards might crop up every once in a while too.

Until next time!


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